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Top 10 things you can do this weekend for a healthier Red Sea Max 250 tank

Posted on Oct 29, 2011 in Featured, Guides | 0 comments

Do these ten easy things this weekend to make sure that your Red Sea MAX 250 (or any saltwater tank) is in top shape. You know you need to do tank maintenance and you know you like it, so get to it. 1. Change 10% of your tank water. When was the last time you changed the water in your tank? If you are like most marine aquarists, you depend on your salt mix and water changes to keep you thank healthy. Keep this up and you are on your way to having an amazing tank. 2. Test your nitrates to make sure they are low. 3. Fill up your auto top off system reservoir with RODI water. 4. Scrape your tank glass or acrylic to remove algae. 5. Clean the sludge (denatured proteins) from your protein skimmer cup....

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