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Recap of 2010 of Red Sea Max 250 reef

2011 is here, happy new year! Time for a recap of 2010 in photos. 2011 will be an exciting year for my Red Sea Max 250 reef tank as I’ll be able to watch it mature. These things really take time. The tank has been running and evolving for four months now and already much has happened. It even won photo of the month! What’s next, tank of the month? I can only hope. There is much to do, learn and observe, so to begin 2011, I wanted to put together a summary in photos of the evolution of the Red Sea Max 250 reef tank since I started it approximately four months ago. I have learnt so much and spent so much. There were highs and lows, but overall it was all beautiful. Let the slideshow begin!


  1. just got our 250 set up and it is evaporating like crazy. Adding water every day. Is this typical?

    Also, how do you deal with going away for several days?

  2. Congrats on an awesome purchase.

    Yeah, since it’s a closed hood system and with such powerful lights, there is a lot of evaporation. Without a constant water level the skimmer doesn’t work well and you run the risk of microbubbles in the tank. It was a big pain. Here is how I dealt with it:
    1. Make sure all fans are on including the rear fans
    2. You definitely need an automatic top off system to avoid having to fill up every day. I use the JBJ ATO (http://www.jbjlighting.com/prod-ato.html) that’s cheap, easy to use and works pretty damn well. It has awesome reviews. I have been meaning to write a post with pics for a while now about it and will do so.
    3. How long do you leave your lights on? I leave mine on for 6 hours.

    Good luck and let me know if I can help. Now that works has slowed down, I can blog about the RSM 250 more often, so check back.

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