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Rare Hybrid Pocillopora coral formation

Who says miracles or more accurately, improbably science, can’t happen in a Red Sea Max 250?

I have 2 Pocillopora corals that are easy to grow and also fast growers. I really like them. I had previously posted about the green Pocillopora in my Red Sea Max 250 tank.  In addition to the green I have a pink.

Here is where the miracle part comes into play. The pigments in corals are due to the symbiotic photosynthetic algae present in the corals. Sometimes in rare instances a coral will accumulate algae of a different color from another coral that is in close proximity. This happens rarely but happened with my pink Pocillopora that was close to the green Pocillopora and now has green on a few of the tips!

Rare hybrid Pocillopora coral in Red Sea Max 250

Rare hybrid Pocillopora coral in Red Sea Max 250








Feast your eyes on that beauty and contact me to get on a list for frags of this coral. I may give away for free on this site through a competition so sign up for the RSS fee, follow on Facebook or Twitter. keep checking back.

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