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Blue Spotted Jawfish and Neon Dottyback in Red Sea Max 250

Blue Spotted Jawfish and Neon Dottyback in Red Sea Max 250

A coworker and fellow reef tank addict saw this photo that I took a few weeks ago with my old Nikon D40 (non-macro 10-200mm Nikon VR lens) and suggested I submit it to a magazine. I’m too insecure to think it’s good enough but submitted to a photo of the month competition over at “The Reef Tank” forums. I’m not going to link the competition thread so as not to influence the results. However, people seem to love this photo on the forum. It would be nice to win even though I don’t think there is a prize for winning. My prize will be to talk smack…in my head.

Story of the photo: I saw the Blue Spotted Jaw fish trying to intimidate the Neon Dottyback who didn’t seem very intimidated. I didn’t have a camera with me at the time, but the moment or loss of capturing the moment both pissed me off and inspired me to take photos of corals instead. As I was zooming around the tank the moment happened again! Luckily the Nikon D40 was in my hands with the correct settings and I snapped this lucky shot in my own Red Sea Max 250. It’s probably the most satisfying photo I have taken in my life.

Update: I won the competition! I wrote briefly about it and the new photo gallery addition to the site because of the win.

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