Embracing a plug and play aquarium for personal coral reefs

2 Videos of the Red Sea Max S-500 from Australia

Have you heard of the all new Red Sea Max S-Series all-in-one plug and play aquarium? No, then you can read about it here and watch an underground video. If you have, then there is no doubt you want more because you can’t get your hands on a tank until November (UK) or December (US). However, Majestic Aquariums has it in Australia and the videos are linked below for you. I guess you can get your hands on it by visiting Australia.

Australia’s first Red Sea Max S-500 Part 1


Australia’s second Red Sea Max S-500 Part 2

And of course the video made by MarineGeek.com posted earlier is below for a second showing. Aviad, the guy (and scientist) demoing the Red Sea Max S-500 in that video is really cool and may stop by so please free to comment or ask any questions below and he just might answer you.



More video updates will be posted as they become available so stay tuned.

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