Embracing a plug and play aquarium for personal coral reefs

Choosing a tank

Requirements when choosing tank:

1) I  don’t want to have a ton of equipment hanging out the back of the tank or a separate room to house that equipment.

2) Tank and equipment should minimized the risk of floods.

3) Powerful enough integrated equipment or ability to hide easily and efficiently hide equipment to support a mini reef with fish and other invertebrates.

4) Easy maintenance.

5) Tank needs to be beautiful and wife approved!

To sum it up, I wanted an all-in-one tank. I did a ton of research over the span of a year after I started my 14 gallon BioCube because I knew I would upgrade to a bigger tank someday. Salt water tanks are addictive and must always be upgraded! To start one is like taking a gateway drug. The BioCube satisfied all of the above requirements, but there was no BioCube bigger than 29 gallons.

The only satisfactory solution I found was the Red Sea Max 250 65 gallon tank that was just released at the time and not well tested by the community. Not to mention, it was expensive as hell (at least the initial investment).

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