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Blue Tang and Hector’s Goby

I went fish crazy this weekend and got new fishes for the Red Sea Max 250. With the holidays coming up and lots of people coming over (yeah I admit it) this is a not to miss dualuseful opportunity to drop some cash.  Saturday, I got a Blue Tang and a Hector’s Goby. I guess Hector discovered or propagated a goby?! I drip acclimatized these fishes and added them to my tank. Oh shit! Just realized that my tank is to the point where introducing new fish possibly with diseases like ick could result in a loss of a lot of livestock. Oh well. I’ll monitor closely but check out the photos of them in the Red Sea Max 250 below.

Blue Tang (Paracanthurus hepatus)

Blue Hippo Tang in Red Sea Max 250

Blue Hippo Tang in Red Sea Max 250

I thought the Blue Tang would be shy but it isn’t at all. It has a really happy personality. Someone really studied Blue Tangs for the Finding Nemo movie.

Hector’s Goby (Amblygobius hectori)
Hecotr' Goby in Red Sea Max 250

Hecotr' Goby in Red Sea Max 250

Hector’s Goby stuck to a corner of the tank and is currently hiding in a hole in a rock. This fish is tiny. I think my Blue Spotted Jawfish could swallow this sucker whole! The spots in the picture are actually processed sand grains spewing from Hector’s Goby’s gills. Marine street sweeper!

In other news, I think I need a real macro lens for my Nikon SLR.

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