Embracing a plug and play aquarium for personal coral reefs

Cleanup Crew added to RSM 250

Posted on Aug 27, 2010 in Invertebrates | 0 comments

The Red Sea Max 250 has been running for 5 days now. I used a test kit to check ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels, but they were all at zero. I thought I should have seen a spike by now, but maybe the live sand and contents of the cycled Biocube cycled the tank faster and I missed the products of the nitrogen cycle. Time to add the cleanup crew that will eat algae, uneaten food, dead organisms and other edible products that will add ammonia to the tank if not removed! I already had 2 large hermit crabs in the Red Sea Max 250 tank from the Biocube. My readings on the web and the Red Sea Max 250 manual suggests that around suggested that I add about 65 members to my tank cleanup crew. Fish stored didn’t...

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Cycling Red Sea Max 250: Day 2

Posted on Aug 23, 2010 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

After one night of running the tank with newly made sea water, I decided to add the contents of my 14 gallon BioCube tank that consisted of about 15 pounds of sand, 15 pounds of live rocks, a Spotted Cardinalfish (Sphaeramia nematoptera) and water. The BioCube had been running for about a year, disassembled and reassembled 4 months ago without much attention with the Spotted Cardinalfish added one moth ago. I know it seems cruel, but I added all of it, including the fish! The idea behind this is that the BioCube was an established tank (didn’t do so well after I moved to a new house) with the established nitrifying bacteria needed for the nitrogen cycle (hence, the term “cycling a tank” refers to establishing the nitrogen cycle). The bacteria would allow the Red Sea Max 250 to...

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Red Sea Max Assembled!

Posted on Aug 22, 2010 in Equipment | 0 comments

In the past I have used Instant Ocean salt mix to make salt water because of price and availability but I wanted to reevaluate this since for the Red Sea Max 250. This salt mix comparison chart helped me to figure out that I should stick with Instant Ocean. I made salt water to a specific gravity of 1.024 (using an Instant Ocean plastic hydrometer for measurements) directly in the tank and turned on both pumps to run overnight with Red Sea Max’s polishing and carbon filters installed. I did’t turn on the skimmer or thermometer since it was warm and there were no proteins in the salt mix to skim. lamictal 200 mg price effects provigil en espanol for sale micardis price usa lithium toxicity forum side effects levothroid food interactions side...

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Red Sea MAX Assembly

Posted on Aug 21, 2010 in Equipment, Problems | 6 comments

Assembly of the Red Sea MAX 250 was surprisingly easy and uneventful. The cabinet is heavy, very well made and the finish doesn’t feel or look cheap. Cabinet screws and holes aligned very, very well, especially with so many alignments needed, not like Ikea or other chains’ press wood prefab furniture. It’s a cabinet made specifically for and that perfectly matches the beautiful tank. Only negative comment is that the handles should probably be on the bottom of the cabinet doors and not the top since there is so little space to grab to open the doors. Assembly of the pumps, skimmer, etc in the back of the tank was also uneventful. However, I felt like I could easily crush the 6 skinny T5 fluorescent bulbs during installation in the hood and the edges of the metal ends of...

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Red Sea Max 250

Posted on Aug 21, 2010 in Equipment, RSM S-Series | 1 comment

                      I decided to get the 65 gallon plug and play Red Sea Max 250 aquarium. It’s made by a company in Europe and usually don’t stay on the shelves in the USA very long. I wanted the white Red Sea Max 250, but that is only available in the UK. I spoke to a rep at Red Sea who said the white version will be available in the USA in Jan 2011. I also saw the recently unveiled Red Sea Max 500 but Red Sea doesn’t have a production date as yet. It probably wouldn’t arrive in the USA for another few years. I had a choice between the Black and Silver Red Sea Max 250 and decided I would get the black. It also makes sense to...

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Choosing a tank

Posted on Aug 21, 2010 in Equipment | 0 comments

Requirements when choosing tank: 1) I  don’t want to have a ton of equipment hanging out the back of the tank or a separate room to house that equipment. 2) Tank and equipment should minimized the risk of floods. 3) Powerful enough integrated equipment or ability to hide easily and efficiently hide equipment to support a mini reef with fish and other invertebrates. 4) Easy maintenance. 5) Tank needs to be beautiful and wife approved! To sum it up, I wanted an all-in-one tank. I did a ton of research over the span of a year after I started my 14 gallon BioCube because I knew I would upgrade to a bigger tank someday. Salt water tanks are addictive and must always be upgraded! To start one is like taking a gateway drug. The BioCube satisfied all of the...

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Why start a big salt water aquarium?

Posted on Aug 20, 2010 in Equipment, Featured | 0 comments

Reason 1: The wife and I saw a beautiful, colorful Green Mandarin (Synchiropus splendidus) in an aquarium in the early 2000’s and we wanted to have one. Reason 2: I spent 8 years on the island of Abaco in the Bahamas and saltwater and corals reefs are in my blood. Reason 3: A reef tank requires so much daily attention and thought that I can obsess about it without affecting the world significantly. It also satisfies scientists. Reason 4: It’s a hobby my wife and I can enjoy together. Reason 5: I have had aquariums all my life and currently have a 14 gallon BioCube. Reason 5: It’s so damn relaxing to observe, especially reefs with fish. Compazine 5 mg propranolol dosing online levitra ratings side effects topamax onset of action side effects lisinopril other names...

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